When you’re looking for trustworthy electrical service providers in the greater Etobicoke, ON, Canada area, Your Home Electricians™ at AC Electrical is here to help. For over 30 years, AC Electrical has employed a team of highly qualified and passionate electricians that are dedicated to making sure your home is safe, efficient, and fully set up to code.

Whether you’re searching for professionals that can handle electrical installations, maintenance, or general services, AC Electrical can take care of the job with ease and efficiency. As a family-owned business, no matter what we’re working on, we keep safety and security top of mind. Our comprehensive lineup of services keeps customers satisfied with homes that are well equipped to handle their daily needs.

Effective Wiring

When overloaded circuit breakers are causing your home to lose power or office lights to flicker incessantly, there’s no reason to keep on living with the problem. A call to AC Electrical is all it takes to get everything from worn-out wiring to burned-out outlets under control.

Our team is well versed in what it takes to quickly address the issue at hand, while also installing or upgrading fixtures to prevent wiring issues from becoming disruptive in the future. Whether that means newly installed plugs and switches throughout a home or an upgrade to an electrical panel, our professionals get it done.

Paying Attention to Air Quality

The very air you breathe in your home sets the standard for your health. Sometimes, your basic ventilation can make a huge difference in your air quality. At AC Electrical, we’re happy to help our customers to improve their air quality standards through the installation and maintenance of exhaust fans and innovative ventilation features.

Small changes like these can make a big difference for homeowners who struggle with allergies related to dust particles in the air. Proper ventilation helps clear the air of indoor pollution while simultaneously reducing interior odors.

Safety Always Comes First

Your home is an oasis of comfort, but it should also be equipped with the safety features that help protect you in the event of unexpected disasters. That’s why we take the installation and maintenance of both smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors very seriously.

Customers who partner with AC Electrical will find that safety always comes first for our team, and we diligently pay attention to each home we service to make sure the right detectors are in place and that they’re in line with smoke detector laws and regulations.

Stay Ahead of the Cold

Etobicoke, ON, Canada is a beautiful and inviting place to live, but anyone who calls this destination home knows the winters can be brutal. Instead of worrying about power outages when the weather is rough or waking up each day to freezing cold floors, let the AC Electrical team help.

We’re always on hand to help install power generators that keep your home up and running, even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Similarly, we have the equipment and expertise to install electric heating cables in flooring and roofing that regulate interior temperatures while also preventing ice build-up that could damage a home.

Lighting Standards that Lead the Way

Safe and efficient lighting is key to a home that functions well and is just as inviting to live in. At AC Electrical, our team takes time to handle everything from a single light fixture outage to full-home lighting schemes that are designed to illuminate in style.

Our approach to lighting is based on energy efficiency and we’re happy to help customers integrate motion detectors, timers, and dimmers into their lighting systems. This gives our customers control over their energy usage and ultimately helps them to save on electrical bills, too.

Keeping Up to Code

While efficiency is a key to success, so is keeping up to code, and that’s exactly what we do at AC Electrical. We strictly follow the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, and our fully trained technicians are well versed in property evaluations at all levels to make sure that each home we work on is fully in compliance and safe for its occupants.

Handling Power Surges with Ease

Power surges are common, but they don’t have to be disastrous. At AC Electrical, we deal with power issues through a variety of methods, ranging from the replacement or upgrading of an electric panel to the installation of outlet surge protectors, as needed.

Upgrading Older Homes

Older homes in the Etobicoke area have a lot of charm, but they also often come along with older electrical systems that can’t keep up with the power needs of residents. The team at AC Electrical helps our customers to update their systems so that their energy standards can keep pace, while the home still retains its unique appeal.

No matter what you may need, our team can help! Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!