When it comes to electrical safety in your home or office, smoke detectors are not optional – they are required by the law. So why not make a small investment now that could have an immeasurable impact in the future?

Smoke detectors are a cheap and efficient way to detect smoke and fire and are a mandatory feature for every building in Canada.  So no matter which shape, size, or type of smoke detector you prefer,  Your Home Electricians are there to help!

We prefer and are experts in, the installation of combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This means that they can sense fire hazards before temperatures rise, and protect your family against an invisible threat like carbon monoxide. Our certified electricians can install and show you how to use your smoke/carbon monoxide alarm system so you can feel more secure in your home!

In addition, we are certified as Nest installation professionals. Smoke/carbon monoxide alarms do not have to be unattractive.  If you make the choice to switch over to a Nest product, we can offer you a professional installation!

For more information visit the Nest Pro site here! Or go to the nest webpage here!

At Your Home Electricians. our certified electricians will check, install, replace, or upgrade your alarms. We will also make sure that you are completely familiar with their operation and process.


We offer you:

  • thorough information regarding the installation and maintenance of your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • clean, effective and secure assistance: we are always doing our best in order to provide you with excellent service
  • spend time to advise you on the best placement of the smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors in your building
  • give you a warranty of 3 years, or as long as you hold an ACE club membership!

Call Your Home Electricians today for assistance with your smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors!