The best Toronto Electrician to hire is certified, insured, punctual, and knowledgeable. They provide up-front pricing by the job, not the hour, then stand behind their work with a tremendous warranty. Since 1991, Your Home Electricians has been putting their customer’s needs first by providing unparalleled, transparent electrical services to homeowners within the GTA. They are an award-winning, ESA, and BBB accredited team of professionals who have received many great reviews. Call them for headache-free service.

Heating Cables

Heated Floors:

Who can resist the sensation of walking barefoot on heated floors? During your next renovation, call Your Home Electrician to add floor heating cables before you lay tiles or hardwood floors. They can even be added under your driveway to melt snow on contact. Imagine never having to shovel again.  Call us, and we’ll help you keep cozy and warm this winter.

Roof Heating Cables:

Is ice buildup ruining your roof? Your Home Electricians can install roof heating cables that will protect your roof and gutters by melting the snow and ice before it builds up and causes costly damage. The heating cables are self-regulating and energy-efficient, only turning on when needed. Our team of certified electricians can expertly install electric heating cables before the first snowfall.


The perfect solution to annoying power outages in Toronto is installing a back-up generator. Reach out to the team at Your Home Electricians to discuss which generator is the best fit for your needs and budget. Be prepared next time the power goes out; keep your furnace and essential appliances working. Call and speak with an expert at (416) 698-8100 today.

Lighting and Lighting Controls

Are You Searching for Easy and Efficient Lighting Solutions? Why not trust the professionals at Your Home Electricians – your Greater Toronto Area lighting installation specialists. With 30 years of experience, our professional electricians have been enhancing the homes of Toronto residents by helping them to optimize the function and design of their living spaces. You can trust our knowledgeable team to design the lighting and controls for an entire home, brighten up a room, or hang a single light. We are here to help!

Smoke Detectors

Interconnected smoke and combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms are the best life-saving devices that can be installed in your home to protect your family. Your Home Electricians can hardwire a battery-backed-up alarm system to monitor the house for the threat of smoke or invisible carbon monoxide 24 hours a day. Once hardwired into your electrical system, the alarms are linked, causing all devices to go off simultaneously when one or more units detect minimal levels of smoke or carbon monoxide, giving your family time to get out of the house safely. When you are ready, contact our expert team of electricians. Our certified electricians can install and show you how to use your smoke/carbon monoxide alarm system so you can feel more secure in your home!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The shift towards owning an electric vehicle is smart and easily achieved. Your Home Electrician is your Electric Vehicle Charging Station installer of choice in the Greater Toronto Area. Trust our experienced team to install the right-sized circuit and home charging station in your garage or driveway. Call us today to schedule an appointment today at (416) 698-8100.

Surge Protectors

Unstable weather in the Greater Toronto Area often causes power grid disturbances or power surges. These surges can burn out wires and devices on the electrical system in your home. Investing in whole house surge protection will redirect the excess power keeping it away from valuable appliances and electronics. Getting it installed at the panel by Your Home Electrician is wise and can save you thousands.  Call (416) 698-8100 to request a quote.

Circuits and Wiring

In Toronto and across the GTA, many home electrical systems are deficient because of age or contain circuits wired by an uncertified handyman or homeowner. These systems cannot keep up with the demand put on them.  Signs of faulty circuits or wiring are; flickering lights, overheated devices, breakers that repeatedly trip, and burnt out or discolored receptacles are all signs of an unsafe electrical system. Dangerous wiring poses a life risk. Let Your Home Electricians inspect and correct the faulty wiring to get your electrical system current and make it safe.

Electrical Panel and Fuse to Breaker Upgrades

Main electrical panels are the heart of your home’s electrical system.  As such, everything that you plug in or turn on in your home puts a demand on that panel. Outdated fuse or breaker panels have been known to not trip when needed, causing a life safety risk. New electrical breaker panels will keep your family safe because they are engineered with today’s loads in mind and will disconnect the power quickly and efficiently when they detect a fault. Your Home Electricians have upgraded hundreds of panels and stand behind the new panel installations for a full five years.

Having Your Home Electricians Replace inefficient kitchen hood vents and bathroom exhaust fans is a smart way to remove stale and moisture from your kitchen or bathroom. Properly sized exhaust fans improve air quality by ejecting pollutants out of the room. Let us help you breathe easier. Call us today.

Power receptacles

Plugs are a fundamental part of our life in Toronto. We use all sorts of receptacles to bring power to everything we do, and we don’t think much about them; until they stop working! Calling Your Home Electricians will get you the help that you need. A certified electrician will inspect the wiring, offer tamper-resistant, USB, GFCI, or other plug options best suited for your needs, then safely repair or replace your devices.

Control Switches

A fast-paced lifestyle demands smarter lighting and fan control solutions.  Your Home Electricians in Toronto have many years of experience installing Smart Switches, Dimmers, Photocells, Timers, and any other type of control switch needed in a modern home. Upgrading control switches will enhance your lifestyle and allow your devices to work when and as you need them. Let our knowledgeable and experienced electricians help guide you to make the best choice in lighting and fan control for your home.

Code Compliance

To keep your family safe, the electrical system in your Toronto home should comply with the latest rules and regulations listed in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Call Your Home Electricians to perform a home inspection for any of the following. If you are purchasing a new home and need to know what you are getting into, have received a list of defects from the Electrical Safety Authority, have breakers that trip often, has lights that dim or flicker, or if you want to be sure that your current system is code compliant. You will get an extensively trained electrician familiar with all OESC codes to inspect your entire system and detail their findings, so you know what must be updated. Our certified and insured electricians will efficiently update your electrical system using the least intrusive installation methods and get your home code-compliant in no time.

Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring

Does your home have some dated circuits wired with knob and tube or aluminum wire? In today’s modern Toronto Homes, the electrical load demand poses a life safety risk on outdated wiring. Knob and tube wiring is ungrounded, leaving no safe path to ground for electricity, and aluminum wiring is brittle, causing arcing and fires. It’s no wonder insurance companies are not insuring homes wired with those types of wires. Your Home Electricians has efficiently rewired hundreds of homes. Their 309A certified and skilled electricians offer a headache-free experience starting from a firm quote in writing; they work quickly and efficiently, running wires behind walls using the least intrusive methods and minimizing the number of holes needed. They respect your home and clean up after themselves daily. Best of all, they warranty their work for three years. Call us at (416) 698-8100 for a quote today.