The homes our customers keep in the Scarborough, ON, Canada area are situated in a destination that’s vibrant, scenic, and just as inviting of a place to call home. At Your Home Electricians™, of AC Electrical, our dedicated and professional team is happy to serve this area by providing the best in electrical installations, services, and maintenance.

We’re never more than a call away when unexpected electrical issues come up. For more than 30-years, we’ve been the trusted provider of lighting and wiring services that keep our customers safe, comfortable, and always living in efficiently-powered homes.

At AC Electrical, we’re proud to be a family-owned business that puts a firm focus on the well-being of our customers by taking our safety and quality standards to the next level of excellence at every turn. We adhere to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and ensure every electrical system we work on complies, no matter what service, repair, or installation our clients require.

Addressing Generator and Lighting Needs

When it comes to electrical services, a small issue can lead to something more severe when solutions aren’t quickly put in place. At AC Electrical, we’re committed to providing our customers with fast and efficient lighting and generator services that keep them comfortable and moving forward with peace of mind.

We’re here to help with lighting issues of all types whether it’s a single light issue or a full replacement of a lighting system that covers the entire home. Our team is also well-versed in energy-efficient lighting solutions for customers looking to go green and save on energy bills.

We specialize in the installation of everything from motion detector-based lighting systems and timers to dimmers that allow our customers to take the reigns on their energy consumption limits. Similarly, we’re here to assist customers facing issues related to their power generators.

Our team of professionals can handle repairs on generators that are already in place. They’re equally equipped to install a new generator that’s durable enough to face even the harshest environments.

Serving Customers Through Superior Safety Standards

Safety isn’t an issue we compromise on at AC Electrical. When it comes to the installation of the proper smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in our customers’ homes, quality work is the priority and expectation.

Our team members test detectors regularly and help install them in areas that keep customer homes up to code and safe. The same standard is set for our approach to air quality.

The caring professionals at AC Electrical are happy to help customers to install ventilation features and exhaust fans in their homes to help reduce pollution, improve air quality, and maximize airflow efficiency. This can provide for an improvement in overall health for those customers that also struggle with seasonal or year-round allergies.

Surge Protectors, Wiring and Circuit Maintenance

It’s common for power surges to happen and wiring and circuit issues to affect a home’s power efficiency. That said, homeowners should expect their electrical service providers to be onsite quickly to help, and at AC Electrical, that’s exactly what we do.

We handle everything from protecting a home’s electrical panel and installing surge protectors to repairing burned outlets and overloaded circuit breakers as needed. Whether it’s a single flickering light or a full system repair, we’re always available to assist.

Upgrades that Elevate Home Efficiency

Owning a historic home in the Scarborough, ON, Canada area is exciting for homeowners who have a passion for the architecture of the past. That said, some older homes come with plenty of charm as well as an outdated electrical system that can prove dangerous in some circumstances.

When our customers are looking to maintain the historical integrity of their property but look forward to replacing aluminum wiring and knob and tube systems, AC Electrical is here to help. We can simultaneously upgrade fuse boxes to breaker panels to make sure a home’s age doesn’t affect its overall power efficiency.

Advancing Electrical Standards Through Technology

Upgrades in technology can be exciting and at AC Electrical, our team makes it a professional priority to keep pace. Alongside the rise of the electric car, we’ve expanded our services to include the installation of at-home charging stations for those who have swapped out traditional vehicles for electric models.

Installing Features that Provide Comfort and Security Year-Round

Winters can be rough in the Scarborough area, but that doesn’t mean our customers’ electrical situation has to be. We’re able to install electric heating cables in customer homes that are placed both in the flooring and roof. While this feature provides for a comfortable flooring experience at home, it also prevents ice from damaging roofing that could lead to costly repairs in the future.