Would you like heating cables for your roof, or maybe for your cold kitchen tiles? At Your Home Electricians  – we can help you install roof and floor heating cables, maintaining the warmth of your home!

Electric heating cables are often your top-of-the-line solution for the cold winter months. Easy to look after, they help you protect and prevent damage to your home. Heating cables use only enough energy to reach the desired heating temperature, and are able to turn themselves off – thus helping you save your money!

Roof heating cables:

Usually used to melt the ice on your roof, roof heating cables avoid ice build-up, easing the damage from freeze and thaw cycles.  Roof heating cables, or, snow melting cables can help prevent the destruction of your roof, gutters, and water damage from the long winter.  In this way, you save money from the repair of your house roof, which is often much more expensive!

In-Floor heating cables:

You can install in-floor heating cables almost anywhere in your house: from your bathroom to the kitchen. They can warm up stoneceramic, as well as engineered wood floors so you and your family can feel the health and comfort rewards of having nice warm floors throughout the year.  We also install heating cables underneath your driveway so that you never have to shovel again!

The team of certified electricians at Your Home Electricians would love to help you!

Why choose us?

  • We have over 25 years of experience managing your electrical needs! From simple wiring to the newest innovations, we offer you the best results!
  • You get a 3-year long guarantee with every installation or a warranty for as long as you are an ACE Club member.
  • We promise you a clean and tidy house after we have finished working.
  • Our professionals are honest and trustworthy and are always ready to offer additional help or discuss the details of the installation/ repair process with you.

When it comes to managing the electrical work in your home, rest assured, and leave it all to the professionals! Your Home Electricians™ is your long- term solution for all of your electrical troubles.