Personalize Your Home and Office Environment with the Help of Light Dimmers, Timers, and Motion Sensors!

Why not upgrade your home and office with lighting that is not only useful but helps cut down on electricity bills? Add a finishing touch to your environment by installing dimmers, timers or motion sensors.

Your Home Electricians specialize in electrical maintenance and upgrading of your home and office!


Personalize your environment with the touch of your hand. While dimmers extend the life of your light bulbs, they also allow you to control the mood in your room. Installing dimmers helps you decrease energy cost, while at the same time making your home or stay at the office more pleasant!


Times can be used indoors, as well as outdoors and do not always have to be intrusive and bulky. You can choose to invest in a timer integrated right into your wall switch, or a plug-in timer.

  • With a timer permanently installed right into your switch system, you can pre-program a specific time interval that you want your lights turned on. Often used for outdoor landscape lighting, this option allows you to enjoy a well-lit space every day, without having to keep track of energy expenses!
  • Plug-in Timers are your less permanent solution to decreasing your overall utility costs, while at the same time presenting you with a full- range of possibilities.
Motion Sensors:

Motion sensors are specially designed to detect and respond to movement/light or even temperature differentiations. Enjoy a more safe and energy-efficient environment by simply installing motion sensors in your home or outdoors.

  • Save yourself the troubles of finding light switches in the dark; just walk into space and enjoy automatic light!
  • Feel more secure at night, knowing that any movements of potential intruders will be detected, thus providing you with peace of mind.
  • Take care of the safety of your family and friends by reducing accidents in badly lit places, like the bathroom or basement.
  • Save money and protect the environment with light and motion sensors!

At Your Home Electricians our experienced and certified electricians can help you enjoy the numerous benefits of dimmers, timers and motion sensors. Being in the electrical industry for over 25 years we can guarantee you full satisfaction with our services. Call us and enjoy an efficient, safe, and clean installation today!