When you’re looking for a full-service solution for all of your installation, general service, and electrical maintenance needs, you deserve to have a partner that understands that your time and budget matter! Your Home Electricians™ at AC Electrical do exactly that and more. We are dedicated to being the most trusted and efficient electrical service provider in the entire Markham, ON, Canada area.

As a premier provider of comprehensive electrical services since 1991, AC Electrical is a family-owned business that knows how important it is to feel safe and secure in your residence. Our team of licensed and passionate professionals is unwaveringly committed to keeping safety codes top of mind, while also looking for customized solutions to meet customer needs.

Whether you’re looking for help to restore a single light in your home or need assistance installing anything from a power generator to a ventilation system, our team is ready and waiting to help! Turn your home into a functional and efficient space that makes you feel comfortable and secure with the assistance of our team of pros.

Circuits, Fuse Breakers, and Wiring

With over 30 years of experience, the team at AC Electrical can confidently handle any circuit, fuse breaker, or wiring issues that come our way. Whether you’re dealing with a loose outlet or flickering lights, our team is ready to help with quick and efficient solutions.

Sometimes, electrical issues may indicate that a customer needs a new fuse box to be installed. When this is the case, we’ll get you up and running in no time with a model that effortlessly fits your home’s power needs.

Plugs, Switches, and Surge Protectors

A single power surge can wreak havoc across electrical systems in the home and can even cause issues with individual plugs and switches. The professionals at AC Electrical are here to help with all of the above.

When our customers need newly installed switches with surge protection in place, we cater to their needs. We can even take care of installing a brand-new electrical panel when it’s required.

Smoke Detectors and Ventilation Systems

The air you breathe at home may seem fine, but an accumulation of dust and germ particles can be difficult to handle over the long-term, particularly for those residents that are prone to allergies. The professionals at AC Electrical know what it takes to outfit a home with the right exhaust fans and ventilation systems that clear the air, making the home fully equipped to be healthy and safe.

Making sure your home is equipped with smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that meet legal standards is also critical. These devices let you know when something isn’t right. Our team is happy to test detectors that are already in place and to install new units where they’re needed.

Lighting and Heating Options

Every homeowner has different expectations when it comes to the light and temperature control range of their property. At AC Electrical, we work closely with our customers to achieve tailored solutions to both.

Through a detailed consultation process, we’ll make sure that your home is efficiently set up with the lights you want, exactly where you want them. We even offer options that assist with reducing energy consumption, including motion detector lights, timers, and dimmer switches.

When the winter weather rolls into Markham, ON, Canada, there’s no need for homeowners to struggle with the cold. AC Electrical comes to you to make sure you’re set up with a power generator that’s up for anything that even the most brutal winter can bring. We’re also equipped to install heated flooring and roof cables.

Code-Compliant Processes

Keeping up to code is a priority for the team at AC Electrical. We unwaveringly adhere to the standards of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and evaluate all properties that we work on for full compliance.

Home Upgrades and Innovative Technologies

The charm and appeal of one of Markham’s older homes can be irresistible. Many homeowners are drawn to properties that come with a healthy dose of history and legacy.

While the architecture of these homes can be satisfying, over time, the antiquated aluminum wiring or knob and tube systems aren’t as appealing. In many cases, it can be dangerous to avoid replacing older wiring standards.

When you want to keep the vibrant story behind your home alive, but could use an updated electrical system that keeps up with your power consumption, AC Electrical has your back. Our team can quickly and seamlessly install a new system that better matches your daily activities and keeps your one-of-a-kind home in great shape, as well.

No matter what your electrical needs may be, turn to the team at AC Electrical. We’ll help you keep things running the way that they should!