Leave it to the Experts

Has time finally come to upgrade or replace your electrical panel?

Do you have safety concerns? Is more power required after renovating? Do you feel the need to upgrade from a 100 amp electrical panel to a 200 amp electrical panel, to enhance your lifestyle with diverse or state of the art home innovations?

In any of these cases, or when you simply need assistance with an electrical task, contact Your Home Electricians™.  We are certified, experienced and ESA approved. We have been installing main breaker panels for over 25 years and firmly stand behind our electrical service upgrades with a 5 year guarantee.   We can help when you:

  • feel like your current electrical breaker panel is outdated, obsolete, or just looks messy and unsafe
  • hear any unusual cracking noise or smell burning and need an expert opinion
  • are adding rooms, an apartment, finishing a basement, or bringing power to a garage
  • are installing a hot tub, air conditioner, or any other new appliances.

What do we offer?

Working with a professional team of certified and experienced electricians, Your Home Electricians guarantees you:

  • Personalised service: we listen to your needs and discuss with you the replacement requirements of your electrical system.
  • Accurate Calculations: we do thorough load calculations of your electrical system requirements and install only what you need!
  • Code Compliance: assuring passed ESA inspections and the best quality materials
  • Professional Installations: we make sure that we are always on time and on budget
  • Permits: we manage the permit process, handling all correspondence with your utility company and the ESA, and providing a copy of the certificate once received.

Leave the installation of your electrical breaker panel to the professionals, and save yourself the stress. Call us today!