Upgrade your Main Electrical Panel from Fuses to Breakers!

Keeping old, out-of-date electric panel box fix could be extremely dangerous for you and your family’s safety. Upgrading your panel to a more safe and state of the art breaker type panel could prevent house fires, electric shocks and many other problems, since your electrical panel is the main source that provides electricity to all of the equipment in your home. The experienced and certified electricians at Your Home Electricians could help you improve the quality of your electricity usage by upgrading your fuse box with a breaker panel!

Why is it so important to change your panel?

Fuse type panels hold only about 30 to 60 amps. Today’s houses require somewhere between 100 and 200 amps of electricity. Moreover:

  • Fuse panels are usually overloaded and can hardly fit in more circuits, which are often needed;
  • Fuses are outdated – they are known fire hazards;
  • changing blown fuses could be extremely dangerous;

In comparison, breaker type panels could greatly improve the overall performance of your home electrical system:

  • they safely break the flow of power to your circuits in milliseconds;
  • they are very easy to reset when tripped;
  • they do not have to be replaced, like the fuse box, once tripped;
  • a properly installed breaker panel is lower maintenance and easier to use for the average homeowner.

Think no further and replace your outdated old and dangerous fuse box with a circuit breaker type panel! With Your Home Electricians™ you are assured that you are working with professionals. Our certified electricians are trained to:

  • Go over all of your options and evaluate your needs.
  • Work efficiently and in a clean manner:
  • Give you a 5 year long warranty, or warranty our installations for as long as you are an ACE Club member!

Assure the safety of your home and contact Your Home Electricians today!