The greater Pickering, ON, Canada area is a welcoming place many residents feel happy to call their home. At AC Electrical, we’re dedicated to providing electrical services, installation, and maintenance solutions in this area that elevates the living experience further.

Since 1991, Your Home Electricians™, at AC Electrical has served the Pickering community as a company that caters to electrical needs of all types with customized care. Long before we opened our doors, the team at AC Electrical understood the importance of providing safe, reliable, and convenient service to customers in need of quality installation and electrical solutions.

As a family-owned business, we understand that a home can only bring peace of mind to occupants when it’s equipped with the features that make it safe, secure, and efficient. Our lineup of service solutions spans electrical issues large and small that can happen at any time.

We’re here to handle everything from flickering lights to the installation of power generators with ease as well as a variety of services in between. We’re proud to carry our professional approach to projects with us no matter what we’re working on.

Bringing Homes Up to Date Through Power Upgrades

The most efficient electrical systems are those installed with quality materials that meet each customer’s individual power needs. At AC Electrical, we take time to help homeowners living in older Pickering, ON, Canada homes remove aluminum wiring and knob and tube systems and replace them with systems and wiring that bring historic homes up to modern efficiency levels.

Similarly, we’re always on hand when it’s time to upgrade a fuse box to a breaker panel. Replacing this important feature makes a home safer, more efficient, and less likely to encounter issues stemming from an underpowered core source.

Focusing on Safety for You and Your Family

While the law states that households throughout Pickering must be equipped with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, our team at AC Electrical is personally invested in making sure these are in place in the name of safety. We are only a call away to help with detector testing and home evaluations to make sure the proper safeguards are in place throughout a home.

We’re also equipped to handle the installation of ventilation systems and exhaust fans that improve the quality of the air you breathe in your place of residence. Whether customers suffer from allergies or are simply looking for routes to reduce indoor pollution, these efficient features can make a big impact.

Well-Versed in Wiring and Lighting Issues

Lighting systems in a home set an ambiance and meet daily needs. Keeping them running efficiently is our area of expertise at AC Electrical.

We assist our customers with everything from flickering lights to the replacement of full-electric panels that keep an entire household illuminated. Our professionals take the time to evaluate a property’s wiring and make the necessary repairs when things go wrong. From plugs and switches to surge protectors, we’ve got our customers covered.

Powering Homes Up Across Pickering

For many of our customers, there’s nothing more stressful than a generator going out in the middle of bad weather. When this happens in the middle of winter or at other times of the year, our team is happy to come out and help install a new generator or repair the one that’s in place.

We’re also a preferred partner when it comes to the installation of roof and floor heating cables. When temperatures fall to an uncomfortable level, these efficient and convenient features can warm up floors of all types and prevent the build-up of ice across a home.

Keeping Up with Codes and Regulations

At AC Electrical, the Ontario Electrical Safety Code is our guiding light when it comes to projects and repairs of all types. We adhere to the standards set up within this code strictly to ensure the safety of our team and our customers.

Taking Electrical Standards to the Next Level

While it’s easy to assume that an electrical services company would only handle the more traditional service customers may need, our team is proud to take things to the next level in terms of technology. We keep an eye on trends that open up possibilities and added conveniences for our customers.

We regularly install in-home charging stations for those customers who have made the move to an electric vehicle. This type of service keeps customers out of public charging areas and quickly charging up their car in the comfort of their own home at a moment’s notice.