The city of Richmond Hill is one of Ontario’s most welcoming and Your Home Electricians™, at AC Electrical has been serving its residents through comprehensive electrical services, installations, and maintenance without fail since 1991. As a family-owned company, we take pride in providing our customers with fast, efficient, and quality services whenever they’re most needed.

Our team of licensed professionals is thrilled to be able to bridge the gap between the electrical needs that arise in the greater Richmond Hill, ON, Canada area, and quality solutions that cater to customers in a customized manner. Every project we take on is unique, but our commitment to working with integrity to provide top-tier results is always the same.

From power surges and lighting controls to the installation of power generators and heating cables, our team provides a comprehensive lineup of services that meet every need. No matter when electrical issues arise, we’re never more than a call away.

Setting Impeccable Safety Standards

There’s no room for error when it comes to the safety standards we value on behalf of our customers. While it’s illegal in Richmond Hill to not have proper smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in place, our team is committed to helping customers meet these codes and enhance their safety standards along the way.

We take the time it requires to do a thorough inspection of homes and make sure that detectors are not only placed in the proper areas but functioning efficiently so they’re helpful in the event of an unexpected emergency. In this way, we’re able to offer our services and provide our customers with priceless peace of mind.

When it comes to air quality in your home, our team can help as well. We regularly help customers install ventilation features and exhaust fans that work to eliminate internal pollution levels and improve the quality of the air in a residence. Those customers we partner with that struggle with allergies often find this solution to be a physical relief.

Evolving Power Efficiency Through Upgrades

Many homes across Richmond Hill are still outfitted with fuse boxes that are out of date and inefficient when it comes to meeting a home’s power standards. The AC Electrical team takes a proactive approach to these issues by seamlessly replacing fuse boxes with streamlined breaker panels instead.

We’re also able to help homeowners swap out their aluminum electrical wiring systems with updated versions that are faster and more effective. These changes bring a home up to modern power standards without affecting the integrity of historic homes that their owners love so much.

Facing Power Issues and Outages in Richmond Hill with Confidence 

Richmond Hill is known for its cold winters, but customers who partner with AC Electrical never have to worry about being left in the cold when their generator gives out. We’re always available to help repair broken generators and install new models when they’re needed.

We can also elevate the home living experience through the installation of both roof and flooring heating cables. These features are undoubtedly luxurious for homeowners who value a warm home, but they also help in the prevention of ice build-up along the roofline that can lead to damages later on.

Adherence to Codes

At AC Electrical, we never cut corners when it comes to safety and our customers can count on our team strictly adhering to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. We fully understand that keeping in line with these regulations protects our team members out on jobs as well as the customers we care about and serve.

Advancing Technology Through Electrical Systems

The AC Electrical team has been in the business for more than 30-years, and along the way, we’ve never underestimated the power of technology. In fact, we thrive in an environment of change and work hard to keep a pulse on trends that can make a difference for our customers.

In recent years, many of our Richmond Hill customers have swapped out their traditional cars and trucks for electric vehicles. We’ve transitioned alongside them and are happy to be able to offer options to install in-home charging stations that keep our customers on the road whenever they need to head out.

Handling Lighting Issues with Ease

We’re a company that cares about electrical issues of all levels of severity. We take pride in repairing flickering lights just as much as we do when a customer comes to us needing a full replacement of their lighting systems.

Our focus is always on safety and efficiency, but we’re proud to offer options that also save our customers money too. From motion sensors and dimmers to timers that help customers regulate their energy usage, we illuminate homes while helping to put money back in customer wallets.