Keeping a home in working order takes time, commitment, and energy. Your Home Electricians™, at AC Electrical, have long been in the business of lending a helping hand when it comes to all of our customers’ full-service electrical service needs.

While we’ve been serving the North York, ON, Canada area since 1991, our team of professionals recognized the need to bridge a gap between electrical service needs and quality installation long before we ever opened for business.

Our reputation as a trusted and efficient electrical services company has solidified us as a premier provider of assistance across the region with customers whether they’re looking for help with a power generator, electrical panel installation, or anything in between. Our comprehensive services cater to customer needs of all types.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Healthy

From quality ventilation systems and exhaust fan installation to make sure your home has the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in place, you need-our a team is always on hand to help make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place to call your own.

We provide customers peace of mind with every exhaust fan we install that helps to eliminate odors and indoor pollution, making the air you breathe on a daily basis healthier all around. Similarly, we check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re working, well-placed, and up to code.

There for Your Light, Wiring, and Power Needs

At AC Electrical, we take care of electrical problems that span minor issues and large problems alike. Whether you’re needing one of our experts to help with a single light that flickers, or a team to come out and assess your home’s overall wiring standards, we can help.

Our team is well-versed in electrical box maintenance and installation and can just as easily handle power generators and lighting control systems. We’re equally dedicated to helping our customers save significantly on their power bills.

Sometimes, a simple new feature in the home can make a huge impact on how much customers are paying each month on energy. We take time to install everything from dimmers and light timers to motion detectors that not only keep customers in charge of their customized lighting but cut down on energy output each and every month.

Settling Surge and Fuse Breaker Issues

In any home, a power surge is a possibility, but it doesn’t have to lead to other issues connected to your property’s wiring. Partnering with AC Electrical allows our customers to step back and let our team install outlet surge protectors that can make a big difference or repair electrical panel issues.

We also handle fuse to breaker upgrades when the energy path provided just isn’t meeting your home’s needs. Upgrading to a breaker panel is more appropriate and accommodating for the vast majority of North York, ON, Canada homes.

Upgrading Your Home to Keep You Comfortable

While our team is great at helping take care of all the more traditional electrical service needs our customers may encounter, we also take an above and beyond approach to options when it comes to keeping you comfortable in your home. This is particularly important in the winter months when severe area weather can lead to power outages and freezing along a home’s roofline.

Instead of struggling through the dropping temperatures, our team heads out to our customers to make sure they have the power backups they need in place to stay warm. We can also install innovative floor and roof heating cables. These cables work on floors fabricated with engineered wood, ceramic, or stone alike.

Keeping Up with Codes

Nothing is more important than the safety and at AC Electrical, we’re fully committed to adhering to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. We help customers who have fallen out of compliance get back on track and keep codes top of mind with every project we take on.

Taking Technology to the Next Level

While some electrical issues can be anticipated, others change with the times. At AC Electrical, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the technology that keeps our customers on the road! As the popularity of electric cars continues to rise, we’ve become experts at installing in-home charging stations as an added convenience.

There’s no need to head out to an off-site charging station when our team can help you set up a quick and convenient solution right in the comfort of your own property. Many customers are finding this option not only beneficial but vital to keeping pace with their lifestyle.