Homeowners in the greater Oakville, ON, Canada area have a choice when it comes to picking a company that can handle their electrical service, installation, and maintenance needs. Your Home Electricians™, at AC Electrical, is proud to have been a trusted partner for our customers for over 30-years.

Today, we continue to maintain the highest standards of integrity when it comes to helping our Oakville, ON, Canada customers settle into homes in which they can feel safe, comfortable, and always well-wired to keep them up and running. Since 1991, we’ve been building lasting relationships with customers by providing top-tier services that span electrical issues large and small.

Our family-owned business knows what it takes to be an effective bridge between our customers’ electrical needs and the service they deserve. We provide a comprehensive list of solutions that cater to electrical systems and maintenance needs of all types.  

Making Safety a Priority for our Customers

Your Oakville, ON, Canada home should always be a place of comfort. At AC Electrical, we firmly believe it should also be a place where impeccable safety standards offer up peace of mind as well.

Our team of experts is committed to keeping our customers’ homes equipped with both carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors that are up to code, appropriately placed, and fully-functional. Whether we drop by to test your system or install new detectors throughout a home, we’re committed to providing timely and efficient results on behalf of our customers’ safety.

Similarly, our staff of licensed professionals can help our customers with ventilation and exhaust fan needs. The installation and maintenance of these features have the power to improve air quality in a home and can be extremely beneficial to those individuals who struggle with allergies year-round.

Keeping Up with Codes

Following in line with our commitment to safety, the professionals at AC Electrical firmly follow the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. We adhere strictly to these regulations to keep our customers’ well-being a priority, our team safe, and to ensure that the work we do is always quality-based.

Updating Electrical Systems

While the AC Electrical professionals are well-versed in handling the service, installation, and maintenance needs linked to systems found in new construction homes, we also cater to customers who find themselves in properties with more antiquated systems. It’s not uncommon for homes throughout the Oakville, ON, Canada area with rich histories to be outfitted with knob and tube systems, or aluminum wiring that’s far from efficient and could even prove to be dangerous over time.

When it’s time to upgrade an older home’s electrical system, we’re here to help. We assist our customers with installing a system that not only meets their power needs but is aligned with local code as well.

Wiring, Lighting, and Power Maintenance

When the unexpected happens, our customers deserve electrical service that meets them where they are. AC Electrical has long been known as a company that values quick, convenient, and always quality service results.

Our team is here to help when wiring, lighting, or power go awry. We can assist with flickering lights, out-of-commission electric panels, generators that have gone out as well as loose or burned-out outlets just to name a few.

We’re just as dedicated to helping customers save on energy bills through the installation of lighting options that create customized energy consumption standards. When a dimmer, timer, or motion detector would meet our customer’s needs, they can consider it done.

Future-Forward Technology

Life moves quickly and it’s important to the team at AC Electrical that we provide the service to match. Over the past few years, the popularity of electric cars has been steadily rising and along with it, a need to find a nearby charging station to keep our customers on the road and moving forward.

As a company committed to future-forward thinking, we’re happy to be able to help our customers with the installation of in-home car charging stations that make life more efficient at every turn. We partner with our customers to keep them powered up and on the road with ease.

Electrical Features that Make a Difference

It’s no secret that the winter season in Oakville can be daunting. When temperatures fall, AC Electrical is always on-hand to make sure our customers have power generators in place that won’t fail.

We also specialize in the installation of both floor heating cable and roof heating cables that can help reduce the chance of freezing and keep customers more comfortable in their homes.