In places like Canada, where residents spend half the year indoors, we want to make the most of the warmer months by spending them outdoors. If you are doing outdoor renovations this year, you might wonder whether you need an electrician to help with any electrical work in your backyard. The enthusiastic answer is: yes! Electricity is not something you want to mess around with, and certain outdoor features need to be set up according to provincial code. A Toronto electrician can take care of all those details and help you add value to your property and your summer lifestyle.

Extra Outlets

One of the easiest ways a Toronto electrician can improve your backyard is by adding a few extra outlets. An outlet can come in handy if you have an electric lawn mower, want to set up your home work station outside on warm days, or want an extra spot to charge your phone. An electrician can install an outdoor outlet with a cover to protect it against the elements, which can significantly improve your backyard’s accessibility to electricity.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a simple thing that can take your backyard from good to great and increase your home’s value. There are endless weatherproof lighting options available, from mood lighting to spotlights. Outdoor lighting can involve complex wiring, so a Toronto electrician can help you construct and install your lighting plans. Once your landscape lighting is installed, you’ll never want to go back to entertaining indoors in the summertime – your backyard will be transformed entirely with the right lighting.

Pool and Hot Tub

Pools and hot tubs are not the types of features you want to install yourself without the proper training. The wiring for pools and hot tubs can get complex and needs to conform to specific electrical rules and guidelines, plus water and electricity are not a safe combination. A Toronto electrician can come and take care of it safely and up to code.

Outdoor Kitchen and Patio

Outdoor kitchens and patios have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, especially with more people relaxing and entertaining at home. An outdoor kitchen and dining space provides a great change of scenery in the summertime, and with a heat-emitting gas fireplace, you can even host winter parties outdoors. An outdoor kitchen and patio could have any combination of the following appliances requiring electricity:

  • Outlets
  • A gas fireplace
  • Media equipment
  • Small appliances such as a coffee maker
  • Rotisserie
  • Beverage fridge

Each appliance will have its own electricity requirements and may even require a gas or water line. A Toronto electrician can assess your outdoor space and then provide recommendations on how to get enough electricity flowing outdoors for all your appliances. The resulting outdoor kitchen and patio will attract friends for get-togethers and add value to your home.

Sound System

If you are an audiophile, an outdoor sound system can add value to your outdoor experience. Whether you are entertaining guests or just want some music for mowing the lawn or doing yard work, an outdoor sound system can be an invaluable part of your backyard. Instead of taking a portable speaker outdoors and not having a high-quality listening experience, get a Toronto electrician to install wireless speakers. They are typically disguised as decorative boulders and can easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

Instead of fiddling with extension cords that get in the way this year, get AC Electrical to look at your backyard and make recommendations. Whether you opt for simple lighting and sound, or something more extensive like an outdoor kitchen, an electrician is a valuable asset and will make sure all of your landscaping renovations get done safely and efficiently.