Electrical problems have become a common concern within many households due to the abundance of power-dependent technology we rely on to live, work, and play. Because of the numerous devices we have plugged in simultaneously, our homes are at greater risk of power surges, and many are turning to complete home surge protection to mitigate these risks, protect their property, and avoid disruptions to their daily routines.

Power Surges: How They Occur & Their Impact on Our Homes

Consider your home’s refrigerator and heating system. As each device cycles on and off, power consumption surges. Power surges can also happen when a utility company switches between power grids or caused by lightning or other regularly occurring situations.  As people accumulate more electrical appliances and devices in their homes, the risk of power surges increases, with devices inside the home causing more than half of all power surges. Rising episodes of inclement weather and ageing infrastructure add to this risk, making our growing dependence on technology riskier every day.

Complete home surge protection is an ideal way to mitigate these risks. Installed by a licensed electrician, these whole-home surge protection systems block the surge at the electrical panel, protecting your home’s entire electrical system and everything connected to it from power surges. Whether it be lightning or mini surges caused by the devices in your home, complete home surge protection will prevent your electrical devices from malfunctioning due to sudden surges in electricity.

You may be wondering about smaller, portable surge protection devices available for homes. Often used as power strips, these are both unreliable and limited in their use. A single surge can render these devices useless without you even knowing, leaving your home exposed. Power surges can enter your home through telephone or internet lines, cable, or any other wire entering your house. The best way to contain these surges is by stopping them at the electrical panel.

Power surges, even small ones, take a toll on your electronics by degrading their circuitry and shortening their lifespan. More significant surges can seriously damage your electronics and appliances in the blink of an eye. Surges can be easily avoided by having a licensed electrician install a complete home surge protection system. By regulating the voltage in your electronics and appliances, whole home surge protectors can prevent large, potentially devastating surges while delivering long-lasting durability. Power-panel surge protection is a worthwhile investment, and the expense is far less than that of replacing all your connected equipment, appliances, and devices.

How to Protect from Power Surges

Contrary to popular belief, power surges are not exclusively caused by lightning, and they can occur at any time. A downed powerline can wreak havoc in your home, or even sudden changes in electricity use by a factory located nearby can send a flood of volts into your home, damaging or destroying your electronics. Power surges can last as little as few millionths of a second, but the damage is permanent.

You can help protect from power surges by having your home’s wiring inspected, installing portable surge protectors, or unplugging your electronics during a storm. When upgrading appliances such as air conditioners, choose high-efficiency models to lower the risk of voltage spikes. While these methods may help decrease the impact of a power surge, none offers the complete home protection of a whole-home surge protector installed at your electrical panel.

Whichever method you use, all surge protection devices should be inspected regularly by checking the indicator light. This will ensure that the device has not been zapped and that it continues to be reliable.

In recent years, complete home surge protection has become a vital element of the home building process as the benefits of surge protection become more evident with each passing year. In some areas, built-in surge protection is included in modern building code requirements. Savvy homeowners know that these could pay off in the long run, saving them thousands of dollars in replacement costs and plenty of frustration.  You may even save money, as insurance companies often offer discounts on homes equipped with complete home surge protection.

While you can’t control factors outside of your home, you can protect the things within it. A quick inspection by Your Home ElectriciansTM  who are certified, experienced, and ESA approved will not only save you money but will provide peace of mind, knowing your family and home are safe. Leave the installation of your full Home Surge Protection to the pros, call Your Home ElectriciansTM today!  416-698-8100