With new technology making its way into everyone’s life, it’s hard to stay away from the cool gadgets that are floating around online and in stores. Although technology makes everything we do that much easier, all those accompanying wires and power cords can quickly become a pain to deal with.Our biggest advice – keep technology in mind when renovating your home! It doesn’t have to be a major reno – if you are getting a whole new kitchen, or just changing around the cabinets – we’ve got 5 easy ways to transform your kitchen into a new ‘smart kitchen’.

Out of sight, out of mind

When you’ve got so many small appliances collected for all aspects of kitchen duty, it’s nice to actually use them! You can access them more easily by building your kitchen with garage doors or deeper counters. You can also add door switch operated, built-in plugs, inside lower cabinet/drawer spaces as a permanent home for your appliances. Imagine just turning a machine on and off without having to lug it out of a cabinet!

Dock it and lock it.

If you’ve got a tablet or smart phone you’re always bringing into the kitchen when cooking (yay for new recipes every day!), it’s a good idea to keep it safe and accessible when using it. It’s as simple as having a small dock built right into your walls to ensure there are no accidents.

Have an Appetite for apps.

Now that you have your new dock installed, advance your kitchen by taking advantage of the thousands of available apps! Here’s a list of a few top ones from Digital Trends.

Wireless always wins

Having wires all over the kitchen counter not only looks bad – but is also dangerous! Keep wires away and hidden so that you can have a pristine, organized counter space without the messy look of wires everywhere. This can easily be done by making sure you keep your small appliances in mind when building the kitchen. Do you have a coffee machine? Why not turn a corner of space into a functional new tea/coffee station? You can easily house a kettle, coffee grinder and machine together with their wires going directly into a planned out hidden panel. Our team has installed quite a few unique concepts and you too can get this done easily. Just give us a call and we can work out the best way to have this installed for you.

Keep it custom

Build the 'smart kitchen' of your dreams

Sometimes you’ll want to rearrange your appliances and move things around to give your space a new look. An ideal solution would be to easily move around appliances without having to worry about the locations of your plugs. We present you Legrand’s adorne® collection of under-cabinet lighting systems and control boxes. Easily installed in both existing kitchens and those under construction, the adorne® collection has devices mounted on a track system that works with your needs. Not only can our team install this for you, but we also allow for flexibility with this system without reinstalling outlets into a new space. The system allows you to neatly have plugs almost anywhere in your kitchen, without ruining your back splash. We love this option, rather than having to put the toaster next to the coffee maker, next to the blender, just because we have a plug nearby!

Author: Tasneem and Nicolette